Almond Coupons is an online business that deals with coupons of products and services of all kinds. We are a free of cost website which means we do not charge a penny for your use of our coupons or promotional codes. We only receive a small commission from the third party which redeems your coupon or promotional code. Your information is therefore an essential element in the process thus stated.

We consider privacy of your personal data as an important part of our business and therefore we have placed this Privacy Policy so that we can be transparent about how we,

  • Collect your data.
  • Use the collected data.
  • Store your data.
  • Share your data under circumstances.

This Privacy Policy covers every aspect of your Personal Information, we recommend that you read it before using Almond Coupons because using will imply that you have read and agreed to everything stated in our Privacy Policy regarding your Personal Information.

What type of information is collected.

  1. Your personal information including your name, email address, number and/or residential address.
  2. Your IP address, your IP location and other information through your ISP.
  3. Your device information such as smartphone, laptop or tablet.
  4. Your browser name, its version, your pattern of browsing on Almond Coupons Website.
  5. Your device log files, configurations, Wi-Fi credentials through browsing data.
  6. Your saved passwords and/or any saved information such as username.
  7. Emails you have sent to us, including information withheld in them.
  8. Content of reviews, posted complaints, refund requests and/or direct complaints.
  9. The operating system you use including the name and the version of your operating system.
  10. All information of the actions you take on Almond Coupons Website.
  11. Your language preferences, configurations and settings.
  12. Date, time and duration of your visit/s.
  13. URLS that referred you to Almond Coupons Website.
  14. Every page you visit on Almond Coupons Website, the page you exit on as well as previously visited website.

How we collect your information.

There are two ways in which we collect your information. It is stated below with the details of each against it.

a) The information you give us.

You give your information directly to us when you perform various tasks on our website or take similar action that requires giving information. These actions/tasks include,

  1. Signing up for Almond Coupon’s newsletter.
  2. Signing up for any coupons/offer/promotions on our website.
  3. Participating in any of the Contests held by Almond Coupons Website.
  4. Participating in any promotional programs of the website.
  5. Completing any survey, questionnaire and/or participating in any poll.
  6. Providing any documented or undocumented information to us when needed.
  7. Communicating with us via call, e-mail, chat, or through any other means.

The information we collect.

While some information you give us directly, there is some information that we collect automatically through the use of “Cookies”, Identifiers and Others. Cookies is a small piece of data that is places on the user’s web browser by the website server. This cookie stores information of the user on the website and sends the information back to the server. We also use other identifiers that help us recognize what device you are using, your operating system and your browser name. We collect your information when you,

  1. Make a search on Almond Coupons Website for a product, service or coupon.
  2. View a coupon, use it or redeem it through our website platform.
  3. Click on a link provided on our website, on a product, service or coupon.
  4. Make changes in your configuration regarding your stay on our website.
  5. Provide data access permissions for and/or interact with Almond Coupons Service.
  6. Set any notifications or alerts for a product, service or coupon.
  7. Take action on any website activity.

How we use your information.

For most part of the information that you provide to us directly, we use it to complete the process for which the information was taken. The information that we collect automatically is used for the sole purpose of developing, improving and operating Almond Coupons Website and services that we provide on our platform. Here is a well detailed list of how we use your information.

  1. We use your personal information to deal with complains, in case of unsuccessful redeeming of coupons or when there is any error in coupon codes.
  2. We use your information to establish communication with you through a medium of call, email or chat.
  3. Your information is also used for sending advertisements, promotions and offers that are updated from time to time.
  4. We use automatically collected information to improve, customize and develop functional areas of Almond Coupons Website. This helps us in enhancing user experience by creating a website tailored for each user.
  5. Automatically collected information helps us to create data such as data analysis, troubleshooting, research, market survey and testing which are all part of our website development.
  6. Collected information is also used to improve our site platform for proper working of Almond Coupons’ products, services and coupons.
  7. We use your information to process your coupons, codes and promotional offers as well as in redeeming.
  8. Your information is also used in troubleshooting and improving Almond Coupons Website such as fixing errors, creating user-friendly site, analyzing traffic on site enhancing site performance.
  9. Your information is used to create customized content, advertisement and service based on user history and user preferences.
  10. Your personal information and any information for that matter is also our obligation towards the state law and will be used when any legal obligation asks for it.

Circumstances in which your personal information is shared.

We, at Almond Coupons understand that Personal Information is a matter that needs utmost care and we therefore do not involve in selling your information to other businesses or to third party vendors. We share your information between the working team of during the processing of your coupon and promotional codes, where your information is essential.

However, there are a few circumstances in which we share your personal information with third party vendors, where sharing your personal information is essential, for the working of your Coupons or Promotional Codes. These third party businesses help us in running of our business such as creating, operating and maintaining Almond Coupons Website. This circumstance in which your information is shared with a third party vendor is clearly stated below.

  1. We share your information with third party business that helps us in managing our database of user information.
  2. We share your information with a third party that handles newsletters, emails and updates via email.
  3. We share your information with a third party that runs questionnaires, quizzes, polls or any of the site activities.
  4. We share your information with a third party that helps in business marketing, creating advertisements and maintains all the products and services on the website.
  5. We share your information with a third party that provides anti-virus protection on the website, protects against frauds, malwares and other business damaging practices.
  6. We share your information with a third party that
  7. We share your information with a third party that handles target based advertisements which requires user data including browsing history, website activity and duration of stay on the website.

Almond Coupons is a business with growing potential which indicates that at any time it can sell or purchase all or a part of the business in which case User Database is also transferrable as one of the assets of the business. Having said so, personal information is still safe during such an event as it is a matter that needs delicate handling.

We are also obliged by the law to provide information when any legal matter arises and in such an event, we will oblige to the law of the state with any/all information legally necessary.

Apart from the above mentioned circumstances, in case your information is required to be shared with an unknown third party, Almond Coupons will send a notification prior to such a transfer of information and you will have complete rights over your decision regarding this clause.

Protection of your information.

Almond Coupons understands that Personal Information requires protection from malwares, frauds and hacks which is why we take all steps in protecting your data. These precautionary steps are enunciated below.

  1. We tune our system periodically in order to have a secure environment through use of encrypted protocols.
  2. We use high end working software that provides system protection from malwares and unidentified system entry.
  3. We monitor our servers for any breach at all times.
  4. We undertake all physical, technical and procedural safeguards for the protection of our system and user database.
  5. From time to time, we send identity confirmations through your assigned medium.
  6. Our database personnel undergo several security steps before they have access to your database

Yours rights on your information.   

Although Almond Coupons takes pride in handling Personal Information with utmost concern, there may be a chance that you are unsure about it or any part of which. Which is why, here are a few options that you can choose with concerns to your information. However, choosing any or all of the following options will cause a hindrance in proper working of our website or a complete obstruction, in that matter.

  1. You can update certain information or delete them completely.
  2. You can opt out of receiving emails, newsletters and promotional updates.
  3. You can change the notification settings on your device or browser.
  4. You can use an ad-blocker to get rid of interest based advertisements.
  5. You can change your settings to block cookies.
  6. You can contact Almond Coupons Website to delete your information from the database if you have serious concerns about your personal information.

Choosing any or all of the above options will either cause a hindrance or will completely block you out from using and in order to use it again, you will have to come back as a fresh user after accepting this Privacy Policy.

When you use Almond Coupons Website, we believe you have read this Privacy Policy including FTC Disclosure and that you agree to everything stated in it. Henceforth, all your actions, activities and use of website will be subjected to this Privacy Policy as well as our FTC Disclosure.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy or any part of it, you may Contact Us through the website and we will gladly comply with an appropriate solution.